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Posts by: Natalie Stainback

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Understanding Postpartum Anxiety & Depression

Having a baby creates many changes that can trigger emotional ups and downs–from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety. After the birth of a child, you may find that you have some feelings that you didn’t predict, like postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression. If you do, you may think about postpartum therapy to help […]

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Is Teletherapy Right for You?

Teletherapy is a virtual form of therapy that is convenient for both the client and the therapist. Research shows that it works as well as in-person counseling. This type of therapy session is also called e-therapy, cyber counseling, web therapy, online therapy, and online counseling. Teletherapy has grown in the last few years as software […]

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5 Questions to Ask a Therapist During Your Initial Consultation

Use these 5 simple questions at your first consultation to see if a clinical therapist will be a good fit for your specific therapy needs. Someone with the right experience and personality for you can be very helpful in assisting with your goals.