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Natalie Stainback is a licensed therapist in the Charlotte – Pineville, North Carolina area specializing in teletherapy, individual therapy, postpartum therapy, healing trauma, substance abuse, social skills, and anxiety.

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Online teletherapy sessions are available to accommodate anyone who may not feel comfortable visiting an office setting. Teletherapy is just as beneficial as in-person therapy sessions.

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Individual Therapy

Therapy is an opportunity to fully experience our feelings, challenge our thoughts, study our relationships. When we become more aware of these processes, we gain an understanding of how and why we do the things we do.

Young woman suffering from postpartum depression sitting near her baby

Postpartum depression and anxiety are common in new mothers. We will discuss what you are struggling with and work together to identify and understand behaviors in a completely judgement free environment.

Trauma Therapy in charlotte
Healing Trauma

Trauma can be experienced by anyone, and may stem from a variety of life events. When left unchecked, trauma can turn into unwanted emotions. We can learn new ways of being that are healthier for us and our relationship.

substance abuse therapy in charlotte
Substance Abuse Therapy

Treatment and counseling for substance abuse can have far reaching positive effects. Together, we can begin to repair damaged relationships and mental well being through cultivating an environment of trust & support.

Anxiety counseling in charlotte nc

Everyone experiences some anxiety from time to time. Natalie Stainback provides anxiety counseling to help you participate fully in life and perform to your highest ability.

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Social Skills Therapy

We are social creatures. Social skills therapy is for when you need a little extra help to effectively communicate with people on a level that is important to you.

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