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What is Teletherapy and Online Counseling?

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Teletherapy is any remote therapy session that utilizes technology to connect a therapist with a client. This can happen via a basic phone call or through video conferencing. Once a connection is established, a teletherapy session continues on as a regular, in-person therapy session would.

Teletherapy is an effective and affordable way to fit mental wellness into your schedule!


Teletherapy in the Charlotte, NC Area

I offer teletherapy sessions in the Charlotte, Pineville NC area over the phone or through a secure video conferencing tool, SimplePractice, which has been created specifically for online therapy. All teletherapy sessions are secure, HIPPA compliant, and means we can connect from anywhere that has internet or wifi.

Here to Help Through Online Teletherapy

Are you looking for online or virtual therapy sessions with no luck? Many providers only allow for weekday appointments that must be booked weeks in advance.

I am here to help those looking for teletherapy by offering weekend and evening sessions. currently available for teletherapy sessions for clients in North Carolina. Schedule your initial consultation today to get started on your healing journey.

Teletherapy with Natalie Stainback

I recognize the importance of safety and strive to accommodate individuals who may not feel comfortable in the office setting. In order to serve all my clients, I offer teletherapy sessions as well as in-person therapy sessions. Contact me to learn more about in-person sessions at my CharlottePineville, NC office.

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