5 Questions to Ask a Therapist During Your Initial Consultation

What to ask your therapist in charlotte nc

If you’re seeking therapy, it can sometimes be a struggle to find the right fit for your specific needs and goals, which is why I’d like to offer these easy to use questions to ask a therapist for your initial consultation. Whether it’s your first time seeking therapy, or you have been before, these questions help you determine a proper choice for your needs. 

It’s important to find a therapist with relative experience and someone with whom you can build a great working relationship. In fact, various research studies have shown that the relationship between a therapist and a patient is meaningfully associated with the outcome of treatments, no matter the orientation of therapy or diagnosis of the patient. 

So please use the following questions on your search. If you are seeking a licensed therapist in North Carolina, feel free to try them out on me, Natalie Stainback!   

Important Questions to Ask a Therapist Before Your First Session 

1. How long have you practiced for?

Experience can be an important factor for productive treatment. While having someone with less experience can still absolutely be beneficial, you may wish to work with a therapist who has an ample amount of professional experience on their resume, as this tends to mean that they will be more well versed in treatment application and the nuances of patient and therapist relationship building. 

2. Which certifications, licenses, and training do you have?

First and foremost, you only want to receive therapy from someone who is properly licensed. This validates that this provider holds the necessary training and education to supply clinical therapy which is both effective and ethical. 

Certifications and training can help you understand if they have qualifications and skills in methods that may be specifically helpful for your circumstances. A therapist will be able to clarify which qualifications are useful for which types of circumstances.   

3. Are you experienced with clients who were in a circumstance like mine?

There are many reasons why people seek therapy and finding a provider who has had experiences in treating others who were in situations similar to yours can be very useful to your treatment’s outcome. Your therapist will be happy to let you know if they have worked with others who were dealing with similar conditions.  

4. What happens in an average therapy session?

Those who have never had therapy may be curious as to how each session works. A therapist should be able to easily explain different processes and in what style a session can be held. Sessions can often vary in some ways depending on your personality, communication style, and the course of treatment the therapist thinks will best suit your scenario.    

5. How much does therapy cost with your practice? 

This is a very important question to ask a therapist before your first session. Any therapist worth-your-while will be able to offer you their session pricing policies in a clear and transparent way. They, or their staff, should also be able to inform you on which insurance providers their practice is in-network with.

To try these questions out on me, a licensed therapist serving the Pineville, Charlotte NC area with weekend and online sessions, schedule your free initial consultation today!

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